Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to find a modelling agency:

Why should you choose a non-exclusive contract?

The word exclusive has a very positive feeling to it. In modelling terms, exclusivity can have quite the opposite effect on your modelling career. In simple terms, an exclusive modelling contact means that you cannot work for anyone else during the contract duration. Any modelling assignments you do MUST be through the agency, which would be very limiting especially if you're more of a get up and go kind of person who loves making new connections and making things work for themselves. 

image models
Sophie @ IMAGE Models

One great thing about IMAGE Models is that we don't do contracts. We realised that it was unnecessary for the types of one-off assignments we get most of the time and also very time consuming. We do ask that people register with us however to know enough about the model to be able to put their information forward to the clients who always have the last say on who they want for their shoot or commercial.

In a business where there can be 300 applicants for one assignment, and in a world where there can be 1000 applicants for one job, competition is really higher than ever. This inevitably leads to disappointment for some but those who make it tend to have very rewarding careers. If you have the look, the drive and the talent to be a model but aren't sure where to start, visit the IMAGE Models website and see what assignments are up there today. If you register to apply we'll get right back in touch with you as soon as we can.

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