Thursday, 1 October 2015

Sasha from IMAGE Models!

Plus-Size Modelling! Guest Post from Sasha of IMAGE Models

Whether you are what many would call a shoe collector or not, it's all too easy to end up with racks and racks of them! Often when I'm out and see a pair I just can't not buy I come back home and find an almost identical pair somewhere in a wardrobe that I'd totally forgotten about. I hardly ever bother returning the new pair though! So bad of me! As much as I try to cycle what I wear, comfort and habit always take over before I leave the house and the same two or three pairs take most of the punishment that the London streets and underground station stairs have to deal out. Now, I'd definitely consider myself to be a plus sized model, at size 18. Let me give you a bit of a background about this part of modelling.

Try Plus-sized modelling with IMAGE Models!

Plus sized modelling is simply aimed at the curvier men and women. The jobs are the same, the clothes are the same, just a bit bigger. This segment of modelling has burgeoned over the last 10 years and many larger male and female models have benefited greatly from its rise in popularity. In the 90's it would've been unheard of to find anyone over a size 9 on the front of a magazine - now it doesn't even raise an eyebrow!

Middle-aged mothers like me, who might not want to dress in the 20-30 age groups clothing, usually find a home in plus-size modelling. The designers make different clothes to fit middle-aged women, and ensure that they have a variety of trendy designs. I've only had two jobs through IMAGE Models since I registered 8 months ago but I didn't really go mad with my applications. I put in for about 20 plus-size jobs so I think two is pretty good going! A lot of you will know that being a mum and a housewife is a full time job anyway, so it's all I really have the energy for! Thanks to IMAGE Models for letting me write a little something for you all!

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